is able to offer the following services:

Independent ExaminationAn independent examination is a form of scrutiny of accounts for charities and charitable companies. It is not as onerous as a full audit. – All charities (and charitable companies) with income between £25,000 and £500,000 are required to prepare accounts each financial year and have these independently examined. currently acts for many charities across England and provides a fast and cost-effective examination.

Accounts Production – is able to produce accounts either on a receipts & paymentsSmaller charities are able to prepare their accounts on a receipts and payments basis which means they do not have to follow the full content of the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for charities. There is no prescribed format for these accounts. or accrualsLarger charities must prepare their accounts on a full accruals basis which means that they will include any amounts owed or owing as at the period end date and must comply with the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for charities basis. This will be carried out from the charity’s year end trial balance (if using accounting software) or from the Excel or manual book-keeping records, together with the charity’s bank statements. A trustees’ annual report is also required for charities of all sizes and assistance can be provided to collate this.

Book-keeping – is able to carry out the book-keeping for all transactions incurred by a charity.
Note: can both prepare and independently examine the same charity’s accounts – or can undertake the book-keeping and prepare the charity’s accounts. However, it is not possible to undertake all three services due to the lack of independence that this creates.

Gift Aid administration – can assist charities in applying to HM Revenue & Customs for charitable status (not connected with registration with the Charity Commission) and can prepare or assist in the preparation of claims for repayment of tax.